english speaking practice
english speaking practice
Speak English 1 to 1
Our 1 to 1 English Speaking program is for everyone who wants to speak natural, fluent English.

Are you studying English now? Our speaking practice program will lift your speaking ability to a higher level. Did you study English in the past? Perhaps you dont have the chance to speak English these days. Our program will give you the practice you need to get your English level back to where it should be.

The most convenient way to practice real English -
Speak English anywhere! When you are at home, in your spare time and even while you are traveling to work or school - you can talk in English live, with a real person...[find out more]

Writing Assessment
Our IELTS Writing Assessment service is for anyone who wants an experienced English educator to check their IELTS practice writing. Are you preparing for the IELTS test? If so, you need someone to assess your writing - we can help you.
..[find out more]
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